About Mrs. Tweed

I enjoy being creative and love a good adventure. Being a teacher provides me with opportunities for both. I love my profession!

As a child, I lived most of my life outside the United States, as my father was a U.S. diplomat. I grew up in Central America (Panama, Colombia, and Nicaragua) and spent my teens in Europe and Egypt. After graduating from High School, I moved to Sarasota where I met Mr. Tweed and I have lived here ever since. We have two adult sons, Malcolm and Miles.

I have been a teacher for more than twenty years, with most of those at Laurel Nokomis School. My style of teaching is a constructivist style. This theoretical framework holds that learning always builds upon prior knowledge, and that learning is more effective when a student is actively engaged in the learning process rather than attempting to receive knowledge passively. Most often, I employ guided discovery to lead the student through questions and activities to discover, discuss, appreciate, and verbalize new concepts that are then extended further across varied curricular topics. – Christina Tweed

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