Iditarod Project

Task 1
On the trail you will see many different types of wildlife. Using the internet and classroom references, research the different types of animals you might find on the trail in Alaska.

Alaska Wildlife

Slide Diary entry #1 Title Slide.
Slide #2 Alaska Wildlife ( at least 10).
You have been out training with your dogs. Tell about some of the wildlife you see on your run.
Be sure to include descriptions and information about the wildlife. List 10 and tell in more detail about 5.

Task 2
With a friend, search and complete the Iditarod Scavenger Hunt.
Slide Diary entry #3 History of the Iditarod.
Research the history of the Iditarod. Describe the event that happened in 1925.
Find historical black and white photos and information on the event in Nome that caused a dog sled to race there.
Slide Diary entry #4 and 5 Your Mushers
Include a picture and their biography as well as their Bib number in the race.

Task 4
Slide Diary entry #6 Map
Find a map of the Iditerod race with the southern and northern routes and with all of the checkpoints labeled.
Answer the following questions:

  • How long is the Iditarod trail?
  • What route will be used this year and why?
  • What is the temperature in Anchorage Alaska today?
  • Who are the original inhabitants of Alaska?

Slide #7 Musher’s vocabulary

Slide entry #8
Design your sled and draw a detailed picture of it. Label your sled drawing with the important features and any innovations you have included.What makes your sled the best? *Be familiar with all of the terms for the different parts of a sled.*

Task 9
Mushers must gather many supplies for the race. They ship some of the supplies and food to drop points, and they carry some food and supplies with them on their sleds. Using the internet and other reference materials, research the supplies and food each musher will need for the race:

  • Iditarod 2016 Official Website
  • Scholastic Network Iditarod Curriculum
  • Iditarod Vet Information. Lots of info about dog food and supplies
  • Equipment
  • Supplies for the race

Slide Diary entry #9
Write a supplies list for you and your team of dogs. Make a list of the supplies you will take with you on your sled. Remember, the more you take, the more weight your dogs will have to pull! Some items are mandatory according to the rules of the Iditarod. You must know wat those items are and be sure to include those items.

When listing your items, be sure to include amounts. Example: 3 flashlight batteries not just, flashlight batteries
Remember to include all of the food and supplies you will send to each checkpoint. What will you send to which checkpoint?

Task 10
Your dogs are your team mates. The dogs are very important to your success in completing the race. Each musher may take as many as sixteen dogs on the race. Mushers choose their best dogs to compete in the race and continue to train the dogs up until the race.
What kind of dogs will you be using and why?

Slide Diary entry #10
Answer the following questions:

  1. What type of dog will you use?
  2. How are the dogs hooked to the sled.
  3. What characteristics do you want your lead dog or your wheel dogs to have?
  4. How will you care for your dogs on the trail?
  5. What happens if a dog gets sick or injured during the race?

Slide Diary entry #12
Write about your racing team and why you chose that particular Musher to follow in the Iditerod 2016.

Task 12
Follow your musher and his sled dog team through out the Iditerod race. Write the date and the condition or location of your musher and their standing that day.

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