Pirate Project

Task 1

Getting to Know a Famous Pirate

1. Choose ONE pirate from the list below to research. Take notes and keep in

mind the questions listed in step 2.. I have provided multiple websites for

each famous pirate, but feel free to search for information in one of the

search engines I have provided.  *REMEMBER to include the URL where you found the information.

2. Find the following information about your pirate:

      1. What other name(s) did your pirate have?

      2. What nationality was your pirate?

      3. Why did this person become a pirate?

      4. Where did your pirate pursue his or her adventures? Find a map to

         show this area.

      5. Whom did your pirate associate with?

      6. What happened to your pirate?

      7. Discuss two-three different situations or things your pirate is 

         famous for.   


      8. What was the Code of Conduct for your pirate?


      9. Does your pirate have any famous quotes or sayings?

     10. Where and when was your pirate born? When and how did your pirate 


ASSIGNMENT 1 – Using the information from your research questions, create a

graphic organizer using pages. In the center of your graphic organizer

should be the name of your famous pirate and stemming off of it should be your

questions and answers.

Alaska Wildlife

Task 2

AHOY! Theres a Pirate Flag Ahead!

  1. Review the internet links on the history of the 

Jolly Roger flag I provided below. 

  1. Based on what you have learned about your pirate, you and 

your partner need to create a flag for your pirate’s ship. 

   * Use Paintbrush to create your flag, then put your picture into your keynote.

   * Use symbols and colors on your flag that relate to your pirate

   * Don’t forget to name your ship!

Internet Links

Jolly Roger Flag History

Pirate Flags and Symbols:  Learn about the 

different pirate symbols on the flag

Pirate Symbols

Who’s Flag is Who

Task 3

WANTED: Your Pirate Dead or Alive!

  1. Use all of the information you’ve gathered

on your pirate from Role 1 and 2 to create a

WANTED Poster.  Go Here to make your poster.

Make sure to include all the information below.

2. Things to include in your WANTED poster:

– A picture of your pirate

– Where your pirate might be found

– Who your pirate might be with

– Why your pirate is wanted

– What kind of reward is being offered if

the pirate is turned in

– Remember to think like a pirate, you don’t always have to pay in

gold! (Maybe a new ship would be nice!)

– Who is requesting this pirate be turned in

– If you want your pirate returned alive, dead or either.

– How will your pirate be punished if returned alive.

3. Find information on how pirates were punished either by other pirates,

government, royalty…

4. Try using pirate vocabulary see the link below for help!

5. Make sure you save your work!!

This will give you a few ideas of language pirates used!

Pirate Translator

Try typing a few sentences in this and see if it turns

out a little more Piratey!

Pirate Paragraph Translator

Go here to find AWESOME pictures of your pirate!

Pictures of Pirates

ARRRGGGH! The Life of a Pirate!

1. Create a keynote page to contain your pirate journal. Each person should create a journal entry written in the point of view of your pirate. Your entries should correspond with

each other, so plan together what you’re both going to write about. Check

out the links below for information on what life was like for a pirate.

Please use language your pirate might have used. Your entries should

include the following

– The date (keep in mind when your pirate was alive)

– The time

– Location of ship (at sea, port, near land..)

– Plans for the day or future

– Weather conditions

– What are the other crew members like?

– What meals you had for the day

– Interesting news from the crew or ship (is there a mutiny afoot?,

does the mast need repairing?…)

– Things you’ve noticed along your voyage.

***It is IMPORTANT to keep in mind you are writing as if you are your famous



Internet Links

Pirate Life

Pirates Life Aboard a Pirate Ship

Pirates Life

This will give you a few ideas of language pirates used!

Pirate Translator

Try typing a few sentences in this and see if it turns

out a little more Piratey!

Pirate Paragraph Translator